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Commercial Services

In the competitive landscape of commercial property development and management, tree care stands out as a crucial aspect. At Sequoia Tree Services, we provide industry-leading, tailored tree management services for commercial enterprises. Whether you’re in search of sustainable land clearing, timber harvesting, or expert arborist reports, our professional team ensures your green spaces thrive.

Land Clearing
For robust land development or natural restoration projects, our land clearing services set the industry standard. Using advanced equipment and techniques, we guarantee quick and efficient results, tailored for businesses prioritizing swift project timelines.

Selective Timber Harvesting
Promoting sustainability is more than just a catchphrase—it’s a responsibility we deeply resonate with. Our selective timber harvesting ensures a balance between quality timber output and maintaining ecological health. Choose us for sustainable forest management that champions environmental integrity.

Arborist Reports
Our certified arborists offer comprehensive tree assessments vital for commercial developers and property managers. With our detailed arborist reports, make informed decisions balancing tree preservation with safety and development requirements.

Liability Assessment
Commercial spaces demand impeccable safety standards. Our tree liability assessments meticulously evaluate potential tree-related risks in relation to infrastructure and public safety. Trust us to identify and manage potential hazards, helping your business uphold safety and regulatory standards.

Harness the power of expert tree management with Sequoia Tree Services. Our commitment to excellence and eco-friendly practices positions us as the go-to choice for commercial tree care. Reach out today and let our expertise elevate your green projects.